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Saving money on purchases is a way to cut your credit card debt. There are many ways to shop, you can buy like you are rich and put it on your credit card or you can shop wisely and save money. Often people buy beyond there means because they have available credit on their credit cards. This is a mistake that can lead to many problems as your debt grows. Unless you are rich you need to watch how you spend. The truth is rich people are careful how they spend. They don't go out and spend like money has no value. They probably are rich because they valued money and was careful with it. We can all dream of being rich but few can spend without limits. Even many famous people that made a lot of money lost it spending crazy like. They thought the money they had would last forever and it doesn't. Their careers fade and so does their earnings. Many stories of how rich Hollywood people lost everything. This has to be hard on them going from rich to being in financial difficulties. Humbling, yes. 
If you want to live 'high on the hog' or you want to 'keep up with the Jones' you will like find yourself in a situation out of your control as your debts grow and you can't pay your bills. 
One way to avoid this problems is to save money on things you buy. Look for sales, buy only what you need. Only splurge when you have the cashed saved up for that extra special purpose. You feel better that you paid for it with cash and not put it on a charge card. It will be your accomplishment that you saved for it and truly own it. When you buy on credit its like the credit card company or bank really owns it, you many you can say you own it but the credit card company owns you. 
There are many ways to save money when buying. Look for sales, buy when you can bargain. If it's food you can use coupons and buy 2 for one deals. There is no shame in using coupons. Many rich people use them. It doesn't mean you are cheap or poor. No one looks at you in a strange way. Most that know how much can be saved over a year using coupons know you are smart. Some expert coupon shoppers can buy near $50 in groceries for less than $10. Many stories have double coupon day or even triple off. When stores run a sale buy what you need for the next few weeks or even months. Some things can stay a long time in cans or frozen. Don't just buy anything buy what you need and buy it on sale. Look for quantity buys. Many times for a small amount more you can buy a large size of something. Calculate the cost per ounce to see what the better buy is. The saving you make you can pay down your credit card debt and you will save even more on all the interest you will otherwise pay. Think of it as a game and set little goals. If you save a certain amount then and only then buy something extra special you had your eye on. You can have the satisfaction of a job well done saving money that you will feel good about yourself and with less debt you may even sleep better at night and go through life with a bigger smile on your face. When ever you save money that is cash that is in your pocket and not another's pocket. If you figure out how much in taxes you pay on earnings you will realize that you have to make much more to have the same money because taxes are deducted from earnings but for every dollar save you keep the whole dollar. Same with credit card interest. All the money you save on interest goes right into you pocket unlike earnings at work for interest earnings on a saving account that are taxed.
Everyone can save money when they buy and pay down debt. It's not that difficult. It only takes some discipline. You will be glad you did.  
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