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A good way to stay out of debt is to use debit cards. With a debit card you pay for something you buy immediately and not on credit. The debit card deducts your payment from your bank account and can only be used if you have the funds to cover the purchase. Once you begin buying with a credit card all new purchases are subject to interest charges. The use of adebit card will mean no credit card interest on new purchases. The use of debit cards will also lead to better money management as you and your family will be careful not to go over the amount you have to spend in your bank account.
Some debit cards also offer rewards, or cash back on purchases the same way credit cards do. The interent payment method often used for ebay is paypal which has a debit card offer with cash back of 1%. Check to see if the offer still stands.
Credit cards as you may already have discovered are very tempting to use and go in debt. The lure of an easy way to buy can easily get you into debit you won't be able to afford. Debit cards are a better way to manage your money. If people have used debit cards people would never have built up the debt that many people have. If you are not sure if you should use a debit card or a credit card it may be best to start with a debit card so not get yourself into a debt crisis. It's good to have credit cards in case you need it and to keep your credit rating high. You can have both, but use the debit cards.
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